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Gentlemen Volunteers / A Poet in New York

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Gentlemen Volunteers

The Pig Iron Theatre Company is a Philadelphia based theatre group. It was founded in 1995 and almost immediately got recognised as a unique, new voice on the American theatre scene. The company has premiered eleven spectacles, performing in New York, Edinburgh (the fringe) and Philadelphia. The company was nominated eleven times to the Barrymore Award in the last two years, winning the Best Sound Award for Gentlemen Volunteers and Best Choreography Award for Cafeteria. The company was also awarded ‘A Spirit of the Fringe’ award, a prestigious distinction for the best foreign theatre group at the Edinburgh Festival. Edinburgh was the first stop during their European itinerary, followed by England, Ireland, Poland…

A Poet in New York

People appearing in this performance really existed. Lorca and Dali met in Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, Victoria Spivey recorded hundreds of blues songs throughout her career, singing at the Small’s paradise, Mildred Adams worked on Lorca’s astonishing biography and Hart Crane committed suicide jumping off the ship. However, A Poet in New York is a fiction, not a biography, attempting at deriving the theatrical aspects of Lorca’s life and work from the historical context.