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J.P.Discovers America / A Paradise Bird

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J.P.Discovers America
a monodrama on the motives of Dario Fo’s text

The text by Dario Fo, an Italian Nobel Prize winner authenticates his image. He is considered a scandalist acknowledging mockingly the traditional values of European culture. When he was awarded the Nobel Prize some people were surprised, some shocked and some recognised it a sign of the change of values in culture. Dario Fo is a controversial figure, the reception of whom has to be emotional. The fact that Kana Theatre chose this text suggests that it has entered upon a new stage of its development.
‘I am happy, says a theatre critic in his review, that Kana speaks with its own voice again. And as it speaks – as usual – in a original and courageous way, the greater pleasure it is to listen to it. .. Fo, a recent Prize winner, cannot gain recognition in Poland, or simply become known by the so-called public opinion. Is it true that ‘the Italian jester’s’ controversial and non-opportunistic statements being difficult to accept, get subjected to the informal but powerful censorship of silence?’

A Paradise Bird
monodrame based on the texts by Matei Calinescu, Leo Lipski and Wieniedikt Jerofiejev

A Paradise Bird is a story about a madman, who is aware of his madness. Wrestling with his creative temptation he makes up a story in which he discovers and creates himself. By doing it he tries to isolate the truth from appearances, find liberation in endowing his life with some meaning, comments the director.
Madness is something else, one has to understand it and not to explain. For we are not born in order to elucidate it, it is rather which madness elucidates us.’