konfrontacje teatralne

konfrontacje teatralne

konfrontacje teatralne

konfrontacje teatralne


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music: Tomasz Stańko 

with : Marta Ciereszko, Jarosław Figura, Cezary Grabowski, Karol Grabiec, Grzegorz Jędrek, Weronika Nowakowska, Rafał Rutkowski, Adam Szczepanek, Piotr Włodarczyk 

duration: 30 min

The performance touches the problem of time which discreetly takes us away in every phase of our lives. It talks about the bliss of youth and vitality, when we immerse ourselves in every moment and do not notice the passing of time. Human body in the state of euphoria is full of praise for time and it doesn’t pay attention to its transitory nature. The patina of age takes its toll, however, not out of spitefulness, but because it respects the sanctity of our mystery. It helps us find wisdom in the inevitable process of our passing away. It is almost invisible, resembles the process of corrosion. The performance talks about it using the language of images rather than words, images painted by light and darkness, accompanied by the music of Tomasz Stańko.

Scena Plastyczna KUL Theatre is a theatre created 40 years ago at the Catholic University of Lublin. Its performances are original visions of Leszek Mądzik, its creator. So far they staged nineteen performances that include: “Ecce Homo”, “Births”, “Supper”, “Icarus”, “Herbarium”, “Moisture”, “Wandering”, “Gateway”, “Passing Away”. Rather than from literary word, they are constructed from darkness, playing with light, music and unusual acting. The director creates performances about human fears evoked by the passing of time, the Absolute, love or death. Mądzik uses symbols and elements recognized in the European culture but he refers to other cultures as well.