konfrontacje teatralne

konfrontacje teatralne

konfrontacje teatralne

konfrontacje teatralne

Tryptyk: Waiting, Z Tobą chcę oglądać świat, Plasir d’mour

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Introducing this project, the artists calls it “a triple meeting, a triple reference to the same subject. I focus on myself three times. What for? Why? Looking for my identity I look into my soul to answer the questions that are bothering me. I am searching for a recipe for life, a good life, here and now. (…) By means of audiovisual performance, I enter the viewer’s private space and confront my own thoughts and experiences with them (their portraits and edited video recordings). (…) I treat the overall performance as a reflection on the situation and role of an independent artist who is confronted
with the social reception of art. The project deals with the dilemma of a contemporary dancer, who, on the one hand needs to be part of a group and, on the other is an individual artists with their own thoughts and emotions. (…)”


Loss loneliness isolation reminisce envy lack of selfconfidence looking back sadness moment of disbelief envy and again day waiting for the evening dark night they are watching I feel relief nobody can see me envy I am alone they are watching nobody is here envy I feel good I feel relief nobody is watching

I Want to See the World with You
I dreamt that I was a box, that I am being paid for, that I have an owner, who feeds me and gives me water, that I belong to the class of the privileged; I felt happy about my life, that feeling disappeared in one moment, my master took a shotgun off the wall, aimed, shot and I woke up.